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Do you love people?  Do you have like, a "ka-zillion" friends?  Are you part of the best organization in the whole wide world?  Do you love getting together with friends, family, teammates, and coworkers?  Do you have party after party or event after event to plan--and no idea how to make them special?  Then you're a socialite!  Guess what?  Bees are too, and so are we!  Hi, we're the Williams-Ware family - Tracy, Teffaney, and Robert -- and we have a passion for helping your guests create the energy and share the experiences of your distinctive event.  Just who are we?  Tracy has been organizing and planning events, designing scenes, and hosting parties for the past fifteen years.  The other two-thirds of our team is Husband-and-Wife professional organizing team Robert and Teffaney.  Teffaney is our resident interior decorator and has over ten years’ experience customizing areas to enhance guest experience.  Finally, there's Robert, who is an avid and accomplished photographer.

We started
BEE URSelfie
® because, with our skills and equipment, we will propel your unique event onto the social stage.  We have the hottest photo booths, cameras, and lighting equipment; the most technologically advanced software; highly experienced photographers and scene-designers with the latest technology--all to allow your guests to create the most memorable time and share their special moments across all social media in a way befitting your unique event.  Our scene designs employ the best craftsmanship, in a fun, unique way befitting your event.

We understand how demanding it can be for a bride to plan a wedding, a parent to plan a Sweet 16 or graduation party, or the office staff to plan a fundraiser.  A couple of years ago, our cousin living out-of-state reached out to us to help plan our family reunion. We remembered how stressed we were for ideas for fun and engaging activities that appeal to millennial's, baby boomers, families with young children, and senior citizens alike.  The family reunion turned out okay. We enjoyed doing the traditional happenings – picnic, dinner, etc. – but how much more fun distant relatives would have had getting acquainted with each other laughing and ‘hamming’ it up in a photo booth!

BEE URSelfie
®, it’s not just about the photo booth – it’s about the atmosphere we create and the memories you and your guests will gab about for years to come. It’s also about your experience with us – before, during, and after your event. Our high-quality photo booths and accessories and exceptional customer service will simply WOW you and your guests.  We’re here to help you with your photo booth rental, from making sure the scene fits your event perfectly, to ensuring the photo strip graphic is perfect, to creating a beautiful photo scrapbook, to our custom event support services; all to ensure your guests have the time of their lives.

So let
BEE URSelfie
® be your PHOTO BOOTH RENTAL EXPERTS.  Call us at 1-833-BUR-SELF (287-7353) or email us using the form below.

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